Global VCIC is the world’s largest venture capital competition with over 70 universities competing.

Students play the role of VCs who have around $100MM to invest in one of the startups presenting. They’ll be assessing the investment opportunities and pitching an investment strategy to the VC judges. VCIC is NOT a business plan competition. VCIC is the only place students get to be VCs for the day.  You will be participating in a highly interactive simulation of the VC process in which YOU are the VCs. Real startups come to pitch to you, and VC judges assess your performances.

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The selected Rice team of five MBA students will be competing in Silicon Valley on February 22nd, 2019, against Boston University, University of Colorado at Boulder, Johns Hopkins University, Saint Mary’s University (Sobey), University of Texas at Austin (McCombs), Yale School of Management, and USC (Marshall).

Your hotel will be covered by Rice University.

Applications due Monday, November 12th. Team will be announced Friday, November 16th.  The selected team will be coached by Dr. Yael Hochberg and will be required to spend 16 hours prepping for the competition.

Application entails:

  1. Submitting your resume
  2. Reviewing a given business plans
  3. Recording a 2 minute video on your decision whether to invest or not (YouTube or Vimeo link)
  4. Completing a term sheet for the deal as if you had decided to invest.

If interested in applying, contact for the application packet.