Entrepreneurship Labs


E-labs are akin to independent studies, designed for both individual students or small teams, where students can launch their entrepreneurial venture or work alongside industry professionals for credit.  There are opportunities to explore venture creation, venture capital, and acquisitions/mergers.  The courses are directed by professors with founding experience themselves, as well as entrepreneurial alumni mentors.  The exposure to Rice’s entrepreneurial alumni and the broader Houston entrepreneurial ecosystem is just one invaluable benefit from participation.  Many of our students continue working on their venture or with their venture find funding post-graduation.

E-Labs are open to second-year MBA students and full-time students are required to enroll in an E-Lab in order to complete requirements for the Entrepreneurship Concentration. E-Labs require approximately 10 – 12 hours of commitment per week and the schedule for the class is set between the students and the professor.

Students will receive 3 hours of credit for two terms of participation (1.5 credits hours can be taken but only in special circumstances which are approved by the professor) and a grade of either satisfactory or unsatisfactory for the Venture Capital E-Lab and a letter grade for all other E-Labs.

NOTE: Students can only take 2 E-Labs classes during a single semester.

Application Process

Applications for Fall 2021 are open from April 6th to May 15th, with the Spring Application opening again during the fall semester (deadline TBD). Applications can be submitted here

Complete and submit the common application for E-Labs of your choice and attach a copy of your resume in a PDF format through the online application system. For some E-Labs, an interview with a representative from the sponsoring organization or a faculty member will be required.

Applications received after the application deadline will be reviewed at the professor’s discretion. Late acceptances will be added to the course waitlist unless space is available. You must notify both jgsbregistrar@rice.edu and the professor directly if you submit an application after the deadline has passed.

Contact Al Danto (aldanto@rice.edu) with any questions.

2021 – 2022 E-Lab Offerings

MGMT 760 E-Lab: Venture Capital (3.0)

Students work with an early-stage angel group or venture capital firm and provide 8-10 hours a week of support in critical tasks such as due diligence and deal analysis. The course culminates in a final report at the end of the experience. An application is required and students must be available to meet off-campus. Since this E-Lab requires an onsite presence one day per week, it may not be ideal for Professional and Executive MBA students working full-time. Co-requisites: MGMP 626: Financing the Startup Venture and MGMT 626: Venture Capital. Apply here.

Spring Terms 1 & 2


MGMT 761: E-Lab: Enterprise Acquisition (3.0)

Students follow the processes learned in MGMT 627 to acquire an existing business or start a search fund. Students develop selection criteria, network to connect with sellers, conduct preliminary due diligence, perform a business valuation, develop potential deal structures, and have the opportunity to move forward on any potential opportunities on their own after graduation. Students attend a check-in class every other week to present updates and receive feedback from faculty, students, and alumni mentors. Prerequisite: MGMT 627: Enterprise Acquisition.

MGMT 762 E-Lab: New Enterprise (3.0)

Students working on their own startup have the opportunity to apply the processes learned in the New Enterprise course to their venture.  Students set their own personal goals and milestones for the class. Prerequisite: MGMT 621/927 New Enterprise. This E-Lab works well for students from all sections (Full-Time, Professional, and Executive) as classes meet every other week in the evening. Prerequisite: MGMT 621/927 New Enterprise. Apply here.

Fall Terms 1 & 2 or Spring Terms 1 & 2