Startup Job & Internship Fair

In partnership with Rice University’s Center for Career Development and Career Development Office, Lilie is hosting a Startup Job & Internship Fair on January 24, 2024. We are bringing the most innovative, high-growth companies together to offer Rice students exciting career opportunities. 

For Students

This job fair is for current Rice University undergraduate, MBA, and PhD students. The fair is suit-free and paper-free! If you’d like to learn more about working at a startup and what you can do to prepare, sign up for our email-based course!




For Startups

Looking for the best and brightest to work in your startup? Apply now to be considered for Lilie’s 2024 Startup Job & Internship Fair!

We are now accepting early interest applications from innovative companies across and beyond Houston. You do not need to have current open roles in order to apply. Don’t miss out on your chance to be first in line to get the best owls on your team!




2024 participating companies

Rugged Robotics

Industry: Robotics & Construction

Rugged Robotics is a construction technology company, aimed at improving labor productivity through the introduction of robotics and automation. 


Industry: Construction

TaskTag is an all-in-one construction management app that stands at the forefront of revolutionizing project management practices.

Syzygy Plasmonics

Industry: Energy Transition Technology

Syzygy Plasmonics is a deep-decarbonization company that builds all-electric chemical reactors that power a cleaner, safer world.

Koda Health

Industry: Healthtech

Koda Health provides healthcare organizations with the capacity to support patients in planning their medical care through digital, legal advance directives that easily integrate within organizational workflows.

Helix Earth Technologies

Industry: Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing 

Helix Earth Technologies is revolutionizing the way we do air conditioning and carbon capture and sequestration by leveraging cutting-edge technology, originally developed for space at NASA.

21Senses Inc.

Industry: Clean Energy Tech 

21Senses Inc. provides next-gen gas sensing solutions to support the green hydrogen supply chain and various applications of other forms of Hydrogen.

Industry: Software, AI

From daily tasks to life’s biggest goals, Alleo is a planning and life coaching app that makes it easy to see and manage it all.


Industry: Nanotechnology

DexMat transforms hydrocarbons, renewable fuels, and captured carbon into a Space Age material that vastly outperforms traditional alternatives like steel, aluminum, and copper.

Fervo Energy

Industry: Green Energy

Fervo Energy delivers 24/7 carbon-free energy through development of next-generation geothermal projects.


Industry: Software, Healthcare

The Lokum App helps nurse anesthesiology providers view jobs, credential with multiple facilities, join local talent pools, and book excellent CRNA locum jobs.