Startup Job & Internship Fair

The Liu Idea Lab for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the Rice University’s Center for Career Development, is hosting Rice ‘s biggest Startup Job & Internship Fair to connect Owls to Houston startups!

Whether you’re looking for your next summer internship or a full-time job, Lilie’s Startup Job & Internship Fair is bringing HTX’s most innovative high-growth companies together to offer Rice students exciting career opportunities.

This fair will be PAPERLESS and NO suits are allowed! Getting a job or internship at a startup is different than at a big company, so our job fair will be a little different too. 😉

Does working at a startup sound exciting, but you’re not sure where to start? Learn about what it’s like working at a startup and what you can do to prepare by signing up for our email-based course!

This event is only for current Rice University students.


2022 Participating Startups

Syzygy Plasmonics


Industry: Energy Transition Technologies

Syzygy is a deep-decarbonization company. They build reactors that use light instead of heat to electrify chemical manufacturing and power a cleaner, safer world. 

Hiring: Undergraduate internships, graduate internships, MBA internships, full-time employment

Bucha Bio

Industry: Biomaterials Science

Bucha Bio makes never-before-seen biobased materials that can be recycled and reused — combating animal & plastic waste and promoting ethical and natural bacterial & plant-based ingredients in the process.

Hiring: Undergraduate internships, graduate internships, MBA internships, full-time employment

Octagos Health

Industry: Health Tech

Octagos Health has a multifaceted approach to remote monitoring with a solution that balances the power of cutting-edge software and a human touch with service provided by cardiac device experts.

Hiring: Full-time employment

Starling Medical

Industry: Health Tech

Starling Medical is building a first-of-its-kind at-home urine diagnostics remote patient monitoring platform that seamlessly integrates into anyone’s bathroom routine. 

Hiring: TBA

Pronto Pay

Industry: Financial Tech

Pronto Pay is looking to eliminate the cycle of predatory lending practices by providing fair, honest, and transparent access to earned wages. 

Hiring: TBA

Industry: Real Estate

Entera is the leading SaaS and Services platform for Enterprise and Mid-Market Single Family Investors, empowering them to buy, sell and operate their real estate investments seamlessly.

Hiring: Full-time employment


Industry: Data Management

Solidatus was developed to help organizations understand how data flows through their systems by providing the most intuitive, flexible, data lineage discovery and visualization solution. 

Hiring: Full-time employment


Industry: IoT & Construction Materials

Sensytec is an Internet of Things platform that expedites and enhances concrete construction operations.

Hiring: Undergraduate internships, graduate internships, MBA internships, full-time employment



Industry: Tech

NanoTech is the market-leading technology enabler for passive fire protection and insulation.

Hiring: TBA

Rugged Robotics


Industry: Robotics & Construction

Rugged Robotics is a construction technology company, aimed at improving labor productivity through the introduction of robotics and automation. 

Hiring: Undergraduate internships, graduate internships, MBA internships, full-time employment



Industry: Clean Energy Technology / Transportation

Revterra is creating the next-generation kinetic battery system, which is modular, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient. 

Hiring: Full-time Employment


Industry: Retail Technology

Boxes Devices is powering the future of retail combining physical and digital technology to democratize convenient, affordable, and sustainable retail.

Hiring: Undergraduate Internships

Berman Foods

Industry: Food

Berman Foods crafts irresistible artisanal plant-based cheeses and spreads from wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

Hiring: Undergraduate Internships


Industry: Technology

Clutch is a Houston-based startup that believes by giving next-generation creators access to remarkable digital work opportunities, both creators and businesses thrive. 

Hiring: MBA Internships, Graduate Internships, Full-time Employment

The Cannon

Industry: Civic and Social Industries

The Cannon is an innovation infrastructure provider that operates a growing network of innovation hubs for its community of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate innovators. 

Hiring: Undergraduate Internships

Fervo Energy

Industry: Clean Tech

Fervo Energy is a next-generation geothermal developer, generating clean power in new places.

Hiring: TBA


Industry: Healthcare

Nurseify is the “on-demand / gig” app for nurses. Nurses share their experience, availability, and hourly rate with healthcare facilities.

Hiring: Undergraduate Internships, Graduate Internships, MBA Internships, Ph.D. Internships

Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams

Industry: Food

Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams are makers of authentic Indian Style Mawa Ice Creams inspired by flavors from across the globe.

Hiring: Undergraduate Internships, Graduate Internships, MBA Internships

Struttur Sports

Industry: Sports Tech

Struttur Sports is a leading experiential loyalty company focused on building branded digital collectible solutions for today’s most engaged sports brands.

Hiring: Undergraduate Internships, Graduate Internships, MBA Internships


CaseCTRL logo

Industry: Health Tech

CaseCTRL has created the smartest way to schedule and coordinate surgeries end-to-end for more surgeries, greater revenue & happier patients.

Hiring: TBA

XWARE Engineering

Industry: Engineering R&D

XWARE Engineering is a product development firm focused on hardware/software & product development for medical, energy, environmental, consumer and other industries.

Hiring: Undergraduate Internships

Grid United

Industry: Energy Transition Technologies

Grid United is building America’s next-generation energy infrastructure to power our future.

Hiring: Undergraduate Internship


Industry: Clean Tech

EnerWisely helps people and organizations access and analyze their historical energy usage data to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Hiring: TBA