Rice Ventures

Rice Ventures Discovery is a program in the Fall Semester for future founders – talented engineers, product people, and builders – who are thinking about starting a company one day but haven’t yet gotten started. We’re excited by students who are interested in entrepreneurship, even if they don’t yet understand the full breadth and depth of what being part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem means. Perhaps you’re already working on a specific project in your free time, or still looking for co-founders, or haven’t even yet settled on an idea. We’re creating more surface areas in the Rice community to have students engage with their peers in problem-rich areas, ideate innovative solutions, guide them along the entrepreneurial process, and expose them to leaders in the startup ecosystem. We’ll be bringing in leaders from the startup ecosystem to lead weekly workshops to give invaluable advice on launching a business.

Throughout the semester, students will be connected with a community of budding entrepreneurs at Rice, learn real-world skills that will serve them for the rest of their careers, and have the opportunity to develop their ventures. Rice Ventures is a community, network, and set of resources focused specifically on Rice undergraduates.

The purpose of the program is to identify, encourage, and collaborate with future founders at Rice to help them better prepare for the journey of starting a company. Rice Ventures Discovery is completely free – all we expect is passion, grit, and a willingness to learn. Ultimately, we’re building the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Rice from the ground up, aiming to be the premier undergraduate organization for anything and everything entrepreneurship at Rice.

Applications are due this September.

Please contact team@riceventures.org for more information about the Rice Ventures program and your potential involvement, or visit Rice Ventures’ website.


Speakers They’ve Hosted

  • Michael Sklar – Serial Technology Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur in Residence @Lillie
  • Jane Henry – Founder and CEO of SeeHerWork
  • Jamie Jones – Lilie Executive Director, Co-founder of Impact Engine
  • Daniel Lee – Lecturer in Management at Rice University
  • Fahad Punjwani – Independent Design Consultant & Former Ideo CoLab Member
  • Connor Heggie & James Grinage – Co-founders of Cherrypick Analytics

Spring 2021 Cohort Ventures

  • A440
  • Avorest Aviation
  • Avvisi
  • Servr
  • filtur
  • No Nut