Previous Speakers

Lilie brings together expertise and energies from across Rice and Houston in new and innovative ways.

Each lecture or workshop features the insights of an established entrepreneur or innovator on a question of interest to people working across a range of fields. These opportunities are free of charge and provide an opportunity for the exchange of questions and ideas between people who are innovating in many different contexts, and as such, often lead to new and shared insights.  Join us this year and find more details on our calendar.

Previous Guests

  • John Paul DeJoria, Paul Mitchell and Patron Tequila
  • Eric Yuan, Zoom
  • Davy Wang, Tencent Cloud
  • Kai-Fu Lee, Sinovation Ventures
  • Aimee Woodall, Blacksheep Agency
  • Ajay Agrawal, The Creative Destructive Lab
  • Beth O’Sullivan, Rice University
  • Cary Kottler, Clean Line Energy
  • Dan Lee, Rice University
  • Diana Murakhovskaya, The Artemis Fund
  • Drew Austin, Uber
  • Farzad Soleimani, TMCx
  • John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins
  • John Reale, Integr8d Capital
  • Kara Palamountain, Northwestern Global Health Foundation
  • Karthik Rajan, Just Energy
  • Kerry Rupp, True Wealth Ventures
  • Laura  Spanjin, Airbnb
  • Mark Cover, Hines Real Estate
  • Melanie Bell, Marketing Interface
  • Michael Sklar, Vartopia
  • Nadia Morris, AT&T Health Foundry
  • Philip Krim, Casper
  • Rakesh Agrawal, Snapstream
  • Roberto Moctezuma, Fractal River
  • Rupa Parekh, Umani
  • Samantha Snabes, re3D
  • Shoukat Dhanani, Dhanani Group
  • Stephen Wong, Houston Methodist Hospital
  • Steve Radar, NASA
  • Tawfik Jarjour, Accenture
  • Yan-David Erlich, Coatue Management