Rice Grad Student Commercialization Academy

Early-stage research can require time and specialized guidance to develop concepts for unproven markets. Consequently, these concepts need more than a few months to identify and develop the best path for commercialization. We at Lilie are working to provide the environment and training to assist students in transforming critical industries to better the world by advancing students’ technological innovations and deep-tech startup creation through the Rice Commercialization Academy. 

Offering guidance in incubating and accelerating the transition of Intellectual Property (IP) from the University to commercialization, the Academy will provide select Ph.D. and Postdoc students with entrepreneurship training and new venture incubation support. Programming will include activities that enable productive experimentation at the convergence of research, business training, and entrepreneurship.

This Academy will run for a full academic year and incorporate academic and business mentorship through events, workshops, 1-to-1 mentoring, and coaching sessions. In addition, the student will engage with Lilie’s partners to gain knowledge of best practices for incorporation and how to navigate the IP process.

With disciplined and proactive involvement, the Rice Commercialization Academy will equip participants with the proficiency to continue their journey and apply for subsequent stage programming at Lilie, such as Rice Innovation Fellows and Summer Venture Studio 2023.