The 6 Finalists That Will Be Competing At NRLC!

Published on March 29th, 2022

We’re excited to announce the 6 student ventures that will be moving on and competing at the NRLC Championships on April 20th!



Alfredo Costilla Reyes, Post-Doc – Computer Science, 2023, The DATA Lab led by Professor Ben Hu

Kwei-Herng Lai, M.S. – Computer Science

Daochen Zha, M.S. – Computer Science

AutoEdge is an AI-powered quality assurance platform that helps small and medium manufacturers to quickly detect defects and provide clear actionable items to fix inefficiencies.


Berman Foods


Delaney Berman, MBA, 2022

Berman Foods crafts irresistible artisanal plant-based cheeses and spreads from wholesome, nutritious ingredients.




Neethu Pottackal, PhD – Materials & Nanoengineering, 2024, Professor Pulickel Ajayan’s Lab

Aasha Zinke, Materials & Nano Engineering, 2024

EpiFresh is building a future with fresher food and less waste. Their healthy and sustainable protein-based coating doubles the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, reducing waste by delaying decay as it moves from the farm to your fridge.




David Akpakwu, MBA, 2023

Chinedum Peter Ezeakacha, MBA, 2023

GradGenius is designed to give the end-user a one-stop-shop experience to selecting schools based on personal interests.




Stephanie Pons, MBA, 2022

Kurt Reece, MBA, 2022

Ryan Jensen, MBA, 2022

Guildata provides global health organizations with data that shows the greatest return on investment, by reduction in morbidity and mortality, for public health interventions in a non-disease centric approach.

Helix Earth Technologies


Rawand Rasheed, PhD – Mechanical Engineering, 2023, Professor Daniel Preston’s Lab

Helix Earth Technologies is helping save our planet by helping power plant operators reduce their plant water use and subsequently reducing their overall operating costs.


Join us at the Championships where these ventures will take the stage and compete for their share of $75k+ in equity-free funding!

Competition starts at 5:30PM at the Anderson-Clarke Center’s Hudspeth Auditorium (on the Rice University campus) with a reception following at 7PM.

EVERYONE is invited! Seats are limited, so get your tickets while you still can!


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