Napier Rice Launch Challenge Winners 2022

Published on April 20th, 2022

We are so proud of all of the NRLC student startups that brought their all last night. The competition was fiercer than ever, and their months of hard work shone through. We’d like to give big congrats to last night’s champions!

1st Place – $35,000

Helix Earth Technologies: Rawand Rasheed
Saving our planet by helping power plant operators reduce their plant water use and subsequently reducing their overall operating costs.

2nd Place – $25,000

EpiFresh: Neethu Pottackal, Aasha Zinke
Healthy and sustainable protein-based coating that doubles the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, reducing waste by delaying decay as it moves from the farm to your fridge.

3rd Place – $10,000 &
RISE@Rice: The Sen Social Pioneer Prize – $1000

Guildata: Stephanie Pons, Kurt Reece, Ryan Jensen
Providing global health organizations with data, to reduce morbidity and mortality, for public health interventions in a non-disease centric approach.

Frank Liu Jr. Prize for Creative Innovations – $1000

Skyspace: YeeJin Yuk

Providing student musicians from the Shepherd School of Music with a network of hosts and scheduling services in an attempt to connect the talent of the Shepherd School with the support of Houston’s art patrons.

Chevron Tech Ventures Climate Innovations Prize – $2500

Aqualight Materials: Bo Wang
Providing earth-abundant elements-containing materials that not only fast adsorb invisible toxic forever chemicals (PFAS) but also destruct PFAS under light illumination for self-cleaning and reusing without spreading PFAS footprint to water and air.

The Norman E. Leebron Audience Choice Award – $1500

Berman Foods: Delaney Berman, Megan Smith
Irresistible artisanal plant-based cheeses and spreads from wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

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