A Note from the Executive Director

Published on November 11th, 2019

A Note from the Executive Director

Our mission at Lilie is to cultivate students who change the world. Toward that effort, our team frequently translates academic research into actionable insights for entrepreneurs and innovators, comments on recent events, notices interesting patterns that are emerging in the landscape, and tries to answer questions about emerging trends. Through this blog, we now hope to share these insights with all of you. Ideally, our blog is the genesis of a dialogue where you not only are content consumers, but you also begin contributing content of your own.

With a robust and world-class group of alumni, a broad and diverse community of affiliates, and some of the smartest students in the world, we hope to provide a platform for each of you to voice your ideas and share your rich experiences. This will be complimented with the voices of Lilie—our faculty, staff, students, and partners. We hope that together we can push boundaries and initiate important conversations that will advance the thinking of practitioners in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our first post focuses on a question everyone seems to struggle with, should Houston try to mimic Silicon Valley. We postulate that this is the note the right answer for Houston and provide a few insights into what makes Houston a great place to be building a startup. Our second post is fun and lighthearted—Slice of Life: Observational Comedy & Design Research—which focuses on how observational comedians and design researchers share a passion for and notice the novel in the everyday. Our third and final post for 2019 highlights alum Ope Amosu, founder of ChopnBlok, and how he thoughtfully applied Lean Startup principles to his restaurant concept. From there, we will seek feedback from you both on article you may want to contribute as well how we can address topics of interest. Don’t be shy. Who knows where the road may take us…

-Jamie Jones, Executive Director, Liu Idea Lab for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Lilie)

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