Student Led Venture Fund

Rice University’s Student Led Venture Fund

The Rice Student Venture Fund is a diverse team of students supporting the next generation of founders with small checks and big impact to launch and grow startups at their earliest stages,

If you’re a Rice student with a passion for funding the next wave of Houston entrepreneurs, the Rice Student Venture Fund experience is the perfect opportunity to get exposed to the world of venture capital, build a network of founders and investors, and connect with mentors across the industry. 

And if you’re a Rice student or Houston-based founder who has a promising idea for a startup, the Rice Student Venture Fund can help you get you up and running – so you can go from idea to real-world impact faster than you could ever imagine.

We give undergraduate and graduate students from across Rice an opportunity to understand new ventures by being in the trenches sourcing, analyzing, and making investments in emerging startups from around the Houston area. Students will learn tools for rigorously evaluating startup ventures for investment, valuing early-stage companies, and structuring investments – and then apply it with real companies.

For Graduate students, you can become part of the team by enrolling in MGMT 621 & MGMT 740, which can be part of your path to an Entrepreneurship Concentration in your studies at the #1 ranked entrepreneurship program in the country. 

For undergraduate students, you can be a part of The Rice Student Venture Fund by enrolling in BUSI 461 & BUSI 465, which can put you on your way to earning an Entrepreneurship Minor

Click here to find more information on the Rice Student Venture Fund courses, faculty, and investment committee.