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The Liu Idea Lab has developed partnerships with host companies in various cities to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work at early stage companies and in innovation teams at more established companies through supervised summer internships.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. Please check HandShake to learn about available opportunities.  Each internship runs for 10 weeks over Summer 2019. undergraduate positions earn $5,000 and graduate positions earn $6,000. There is additional funding available to help cover travel/accommodation costs (application required). If you have any other questions contact 

2019 positions available:

  1. Supply Clinic (Chicago): Data Analysis Intern (Extra compensation available pending experience)
  2. UNIARMOUR (Houston): Project Engineer (Extra compensation available pending experience)
  3. Prinsta (NYC): R&D Engineer Intern

Closed for 2019

  1. Pixorize (New York City): Marketing and Business Development Intern (CLOSED)
  2. re:3D Inc. (Houston): Community Engagement Liaison (CLOSED)
  3. Aday Technologies, Inc. (Boston): Business Development Intern (CLOSED)
  4. Orbital Insight (Palo Alto): Software Engineer Intern (CLOSED)
  5. Houston Angel Network (Houston): Venture Research Associate (CLOSED)
  6. Houston Angel Network (Houston): Social Media & Marketing Intern (CLOSED)
  7. The Corner Vet (Houston): Data Tool Developer (CLOSED)
  8. The Corner Vet (Houston): Digital Marketing Intern (CLOSED)
  9. Blend Labs (San Francisco): Software Engineer Intern (CLOSED)
  10. Frank. (New York City): Content and Support Intern (CLOSED)
  11. Frank. (New York City): Data Analysis Intern (CLOSED)
  12. Broadway Roulette (New York City): Full Stack Software Engineering Internship (CLOSED)
  13. Blue Planet Energy (Hawaii): Software Development Intern (CLOSED)
  14. Supply Clinic (Chicago): Marketing and Outreach Intern (CLOSED)


2018 Positions Included:

  1. Monarq (New York City): Marketing (2 positions) (CLOSED)
  2. Shade (New York City): Creative Content for Marketing (CLOSED)
  3. Shade (New York City): Electrical / Mechanical Engineer (CLOSED)
  4. Aquifi (Palo Alto): Software Developer (CLOSED)
  5. Aquifi (Palo Alto): Machine Learning Algorithms (CLOSED)
  6. Clear Metal (San Francisco): Full-stack Engineering Intern (CLOSED)
  7. Clear Metal (San Francisco): Devolpment & Marketing Intern (CLOSED)
  8. Medifies (Houston): Operations (CLOSED)
  9. Dream Harvest (Houston): Marketing (2 positions) (CLOSED)
  10. Service Robotics and Technologies (Washington DC): Marketing & Business Development (CLOSED)
  11. Service Robotics and Technologies (Washington DC): Software and Tech Development (CLOSED)
  12. Supply Clinic (Chicago): Web Development Intern (CLOSED)
  13. re:3D Inc. (Houston): Mechatronics Engineering (CLOSED)


Would you like to host a Rice student at your startup?

How Does it Work?

•The host company commits $2,000/intern and Rice University will commit $3,000/intern and support student with travel/lodging.

•The host company will work with the Center for Career Development at Rice to write job description (s).

•Rice University will launch applications and arrange interviews for selections made by  the host company in early February.

What is the talent?

•The internship program spans all disciplines at Rice – from technical roles to non-technical roles.

•Rice University’s Entrepreneurship Program is ranked 3rd and the school itself is ranked 15th.

•Rice University is ranked 18th in the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

•Rice University is ranked #7 in Best Biomedical Engineering Programs.

•We will work on finding you the right person for the role!

Please contact to learn more about our selection processes.

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