Lilie is pleased to announce the launch of Founders Dinners, a once-a-month Rice student entrepreneur dinner.

Founders Dinners are an opportunity for entrepreneurially-minded Rice University students to build a network of peers and a community of support.  Students will come together once a month over dinner for an honest conversation about the challenges and victories you are experiencing. 

The dinner will be facilitated by a professor who brings deep practical experience as well as academic knowledge.  While the dinners will have some structure, this truly is a low stress opportunity for you to engage with others who share your passion for changing the world through entrepreneurship.

Given the intimate nature of the conversations, admission is by application only. Applications for the Spring 2019 cohort have closed.  


Wednesday, January 23rd
Wednesday, Feb 27th
Wednesday, March 27th
Friday, April 19th


Spring 2019 Cohort

Vladimir Belik, Fortecus

Creation of a job board with personality testing as a complement to the resume and cover letter as a medium of communicating job fit. 


Lucas Atayde, Krammer

Krammer is an app and web service that aids people who struggle with mental illness. It serves as an emotional “home base” for the mentally ill, allowing users to monitor, manage, and develop their emotional well-being. The platform would encourage healthy habits like taking medication, getting an appropriate amount of sleep, and following through with commitments made to a therapist.


Vinay Acharya, WellWorth

WellWorth is a SaaS valuation platform for finance professionals in the upstream Oil & Gas space.


Indranil Roy, WellDiver

Instrumented smart nano-material devices for measuring reservoir parameters 


Alex Kurkowski, Tellinga

Tellinga is a start-up that creates personalized stories as one of a kind gifts with customized illustrations through traditional mail. Story recipients receive hand-drawn stories about themselves based on unique preferences. It can be fun, dramatic, thoughtful... anything! Your mailbox isn't dead - it's more alive than ever!  Check it out here: 


Krissy Clapp, StoryNest

StoryNest is a place for family memories. The platform captures content (stories, important information to pass down, pictures, videos, audio files), organizes the content in a meaningful way, and facilitates sharing of content among family members and friends. 


Stoyan Komitov and Rodrigo Trujillo, KiT

KiT is a mobile platform for patient-doctor interaction that provides a reliable method to verify and track medication adherence and analyze its impact on the quality of provided care.


Francis Bunt, Luminuncio LC

Hypertargetted digital taxi-top advertisements


Brian Cooper, PrayUp

PrayUp is a prayer application that helps people to pray. The idea addresses the difficulty many people have with the duty or desire to pray. The application will guide the user in prayer and remove the "thinking" during prayer while allowing the user to focus on the "doing" of prayer.


Andrew White, A440

A440 is a community management platform for classical musicians that gives touring soloists and established organizations the capability to turn a scattered fanbase into a coherent community.


Sam Spitz and Maxim Karoubi, Filtur

Filtur is a social media platform that aims to help undergraduate university students bolster the quality and depth of their professional and social networks. Through intelligent filtering and sorting of profiles, we foster new connections between students that have the possibility to increase individual and collective success and fulfillment.


Scout Kan, Avorest Aviation

This venture focuses on introducing daily airborne transportation. In its current stage, the venture would focus on materializing a real flying hoverboard that adopts kinesiology and stress psychology, the concept of Human-machine-Unity, intelligent aiding system, and personalizing algorithm for the best user-experience and safety.


Fareen Elias, Mwinda

Mwinda is a CleanTech and financial inclusion company that sells small (100W) solar home systems and small electronics/ appliances directly to consumers in sub-Saharan Africa (Kinshasa, DRC). Customers pay off their balance with small, daily mobile phone payments. 


Mantej Singh, Kinetica

Kinetica is a wearable glove that converts sign language into spoken English thus allowing deaf/mute individuals to communicate with any individual in society, thus empowering them.


Skye Chao, First 40 Days

First 40 days offers confinement/nanny services to new moms utilizing the ancient Chinese "confinement" ways - first 40 days post birth.


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