Lilie: E&O: New Entrepreneurs Grant


The Highlights:

  • The recipient will be awarded up to $5,000 to develop and implement an exceptional idea, innovation, discovery or entrepreneurial undertaking in the course of their undergraduate study at Rice.
  • The recipient will be allowed to withdraw funds (not exceeding $5,000) incrementally to support the design and growth of his/her project. Prerequisite to accessing funding, recipients of the grant need to complete the following two courses: (1) BUSI 221 New Enterprises and (2) BUSI 220 Lilie E-Teams Experience. 
  • In addition to financial support, the winner of this award will have the support of faculty, mentors, and programs of the broader university and the Lui Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lilie). 
  • Any major or discipline is welcome. The program aims to support students seeking to develop ideas while enhancing their educational experience.


Who Can Apply?

•Only incoming freshman are may to apply for the grant.

•Applicant must have been accepted in to Rice University as a first year student beginning Fall 2019.

•The applicant must have paid their tuition deposit to Rice University by May 1, 2019 (Admissions Office guidelines).

How to Apply:

•Fill out the following information in the application HERE by July 1st.

•You will be expected to upload an entrepreneurial highlight from your background, a pitch about a preliminary idea, produce a personal statement and project abstract, and provide two letters of reference.

•Winner will be announced no later than July 1, 2019.

•If you have any questions, please contact



2018 Recipient

Mantej Singh is from Singapore and is a member of Rice’s Class of 2022 where he is studying Computer Science. He’s a member of Duncan College and is a proud Duncaroo! Mantej has varied interests and was part of his soccer and cross-country team in high school and he also founded the Young Entrepreneurs Society during his time there. He loves tinkering with electronics and frequently breaks things apart without knowing how to put them back together. Mantej is immensely passionate about fusing medicine and technology to empower human health. At Rice, he is currently developing a wearable glove that converts Sign language into spoken English so that Deaf/Mute people can communicate with anyone in society thus empowering them. Mantej loves to goof off as well and loves to tell his friends lame jokes. When not at Duncan, Mantej is probably exploring the Houston area for quaint cafes where he can fuel his coffee addiction while he reads dystopian novels. You can learn more about Mantej’s endeavours at


2017 Recipients

Joycelyn Yiu is from Plano, Texas. She resides at Martel College and is studying biological sciences. She has pursued a variety of interests in her high school career, from playing on the drumline to organizing community service activities. Most passionate about innovation, she enjoys the cutting-edge research opportunities and learning experiences offered in the lab and has won the Third Grand Award in Chemistry at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. She hopes to continue to develop her passion through entrepreneurship at Rice and make improvements for health science technologies in the future. In her free time, Joycelyn loves to maintain goldfish aquariums. You can learn more about her at

Mahima Tatam was born in the small town of Crystal River in Citrus County, Florida.  Like any true Floridian, she enjoys activities such as snorkeling, hiking, and swimming. A competitive tennis player, Mahima led her high school varsity team to states as team captain.  She has also been playing the piano for over ten years and enjoys playing the Beatles, Disney Classics, and even modern pop.  Mahima has always had a love for the medical field, and showed it by volunteering in hospitals, playing piano in nursing homes, and being president of her high school MedShare club, which collects usable but unwanted medical supplies and redistributes them to clinics in need globally.  Her new goal is to combine her two academic passions: medical care and social entrepreneurship, which she plans to achieve through her current project, MedExchange.  Mahima is ready to bring her passions for medicine, music, tennis, and entrepreneurship (and Disney World) to Houston.


2016 Recipients

Anthony Cho was born in small city in South Korea called Pohang. He was raised in Houston, Texas where he has pursued a variety of interests ranging from gardening to breakdancing. His greatest interest, however, has always been in creating. He has developed CAD designs, a satellite calibration program, android applications, websites, circuits, robots, and the like.  He is also passionate about entrepreneurship. In addition to the NEG, he won $1,000 from Rice's Annual Undergraduate Elevator Pitch Competition for his idea. He is involved in the Rice entrepreneurship community and is always looking to participate in events such as the Houston 3 Day Start Up. You can learn more about him and his projects at

Namanh Kapur resides at Duncan College majoring in computer science. An Indian citizen by birth, Namanh has lived in 7 different countries – Indonesia, Angola, Nigeria, Singapore, the United States, Brazil, and France – and speaks 4 languages – English, Hindi, French, and Portuguese. A globally aware individual, he appreciates diversity, has a passion for problem-solving, and seeks to connect the world through sustainable technology. For these reasons, he enjoys participating in ‘hackathons’. In these mystical events, where coders thrive on 24+ hours of no sleep and constant work, he has actively contributed to two Android app projects, a VR simulation, and a hardware device. Namanh enjoys longboarding, performing magic tricks, and watching inspirational, true-story movies. He aspires to one day start his own company.  A list of his projects can be found on his website

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