Lilie REPs

Realizing Entrepreneurial Potential (REP) Team

The Lilie REPs are student leaders dedicated to activating the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Rice. These students have been involved in Lilie and broader entrepreneurial programming on campus, and are committed to sharing their experiences with other Rice students that may be interested in connecting.  If you have questions about Lilie’s resources and opportunities, if you are interested in figuring out how you can make your impact on the world, or if you just want a lovely conversation with an interesting colleague, make sure you reach out to one of our Lilie REPs below!

These students are available on an ad hoc basis. Feel free to connect with them via email, invite them to coffee (which will be on Lilie!) or message them on Slack. Or, come on over to Lilie and we can introduce you.

The 2020-2021 Lilie REPs

Pooja Vettical

Baker College

Computer Science

Aditya Rajesh

Brown College

Mathematical Economic Analysis

Sofia Aguilera

Brown College

Economics & Sports Management

Charles Gorton

Duncan College

Mechanical Engineering

Nasha Wanichwecharungruang

Hanszen College

Computer Science

Mary Brady

Jones College

Computer Science

Michael Tang

Lovette College

Electrical Engineering

Neil Chopra

Lovett College


Surina Jindel

Martel College


Aman Shanbhag

McMurtry College

Computer Science

Saanya Bhargava

McMurtry College

Cognitive Science

Christa Westheimer

McMurtry College

Sport Management, Managerial Studies

Myles Nobles

McMurtry College


Ashay Shah

Sid Richardson College

Biochemestry and Economics

Trisha Gupta

Sid Richardson College

Mathematical Economic Analysis, Managerial Studies, Social Policy Analysis


Vivian Wilhelms

Sid Richardson College

Math and Economics

Nafisa Istami

Sid Richardson College


Darren Corapcioglu

Sid Richardson College

Computer Science

Alana Pickens

Weiss College

Cognitive Science

Zhenlin (Scout) Kan

Weiss College

Mechanical Engineering

Matthew Castrillon

Will Rice College

Economics and Sport Management

Sarah Park

Will Rice College

Pre-Law, Linguistics, and Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Newton Huynh

Will Rice College

Computer Science

Sanjanaa Shanmugam

Brown College

Computer Science and Cognitive Sciences

What to Expect as a REP

What happens when you mix a strategy consultant, a sociologist, and a cheerleader? A Lilie REP! 

At the Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lilie), we are equipping students to be change makers and creating a community of innovative and entrepreneurially minded citizens. These citizens will continue onwards to create impact as they enter the workforce — whether they are working for a large corporation, a non-profit, or their own company.   

We want each student at Rice to understand what Lilie is and how participating in Lilie programming can benefit them personally and professionally, and we are looking for Lilie REPs to help us with this. The Lilie REPs are a group of student leaders dedicated to activating the change maker ecosystem at Rice. These students have been involved with Lilie and broader entrepreneurial programing on campus, and are committed to sharing their experiences with other Rice students that may be interested in connecting.   

Do you want to: 

  • Create an inclusive, energized environment for change makers at Rice, given that innovation+entrepreneurship (I+E) can be a daunting field to enter;
  • Be a leader in your college to advocate for creative ideas and to educate your peers about the potential of I+E;  
  • Get involved with Rice’s quickly growing innovation program and design new student initiatives and opportunities;
  • Have a voice in the development of engaging programming that requires a deep understanding of the student population
  • Be on the forefront of designing strategy as we understand the challenges of connecting a remote student community

If you have answered any of these questions with a “yes”, then keep reading… 

Lilie REPs will be asked to flex all sorts of LinkedIn worthy skills, such as: 

  • Marketing 🔈: we need your help tailoring our messaging to better resonate with your peers.  You will have the opportunity to develop marketing materials and design student initiatives.  
  • Communications 🗨️:  being heard through all of the noise at Rice is difficult. You will get experience designing and testing communication strategies to help us extend our reach on campus. 
  • Data synthesis 📊:  we look to you to identify trends in the student body and patterns in your conversations and share your findings to the broader Lilie team to better inform our programming.  
  • Strategy consultation 📝:  we think our Lilie REPs are pretty darn cool. We value your unique perspectives and insights, and we will involve you as we set Lilie strategy.  

Responsibilities + Expectations

Lilie REPs are the lifeblood of the change maker community. Representing all colleges and different areas of study, Lilie REPs permeate the broader Rice community and extend hospitality on behalf of Lilie. They make people feel welcome in a community that can sometimes feel intimidating.    

We are counting on Lilie REPs to help us grow and reach more students.  To do this, we need the following commitment from you: 

  • Attend annual 4-hour training at the beginning of the fall term (date TBD) 
  • Attend monthly REP meetings (3 per semester) 
  • Learn about Lilie updates and programs 
  • Discuss best practices for student outreach 
  • Provide feedback from student body 
  • Serve as a focus group for new ideas we are testing  
  • Design and execute on a student event at your college (eg study breaks but not your standard free pizza and PowerPoint presentation ones) 
  • Familiarity with and ability to talk about Lilie programs and upcoming events 
  • Market Lilie events in various capacities, such as: 
  • Posting in college Facebook page 
  • Attending government meetings and making announcements  
  • Putting up flyers in college and departments 
  • Hosting coffee chats at Chaus (we’ll pay for your coffee) 
  • Attend 2 Lilie hosted events a semester 


We got you! We are open to other ideas, but in the meantime, we can guarantee the following opportunities: 

  • As a Lilie REP, you get VIP invites to private opportunities such as small gatherings with Lilie guest speakers that we bring in from around the country,  
  • An opportunity to pursue a variety of professional development experiences,  
  • And of course, we will deck you out in limited release Lilie SWAG