Founders Dinners

Lilie is pleased to announce the launch of Founders Dinners, a once-a-month Rice student entrepreneur dinner.

Founders Dinners are an opportunity for entrepreneurially-minded Rice University students to build a network of peers and a community of support.  Students will come together once a month over dinner for an honest conversation about the challenges and victories you are experiencing.

The dinner will be facilitated by a professor who brings deep practical experience as well as academic knowledge.  While the dinners will have some structure, this truly is a low-stress opportunity for you to engage with others who share your passion for changing the world through entrepreneurship.

Given the intimate nature of the conversations, admission is by application only.

Spring 2020 Cohort Dates (Tuesdays):

Tuesday, January 28th
Tuesday, February 25th
Tuesday, April 7th


Fall 2019 Cohort

Andrew White


A community management platform for classical musicians that gives touring soloists and established organizations the capability to turn a scattered fanbase into a coherent community.

Coco Ma

Azuco Jewelry

Direct to consumer fairly priced fine jewelry ecommerce with smart gift selection function.

Daniel Yoo


An AI/machine learning software platform that provides proven cost reductions in HVAC maintenance using predictive data analytics.

Caroline Young

Bold Millionaire

Empowering women to build their wealth engines early. Providing wealth management and investing education.

Fergus Hodgson

Econ Americas

Consultancy devoted to equity research and financial communications in Latin America. We target alternative, disruptive investments.

Zheng Liu


Virus-based colorectal cancer therapy aimed to treat colon cancer.

Sam Spitz


filtur connects students at elite universities to form lifelong bonds. Please visit filtur.net for more information.

Ananda Lahari Nandigam

Preventing VAP

An innovative device used in coordination with the the endotracheal tube that adds an extra line of defense against bacteria for the lungs.

Beckton Peddy

The Second Life Project

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged students gain stable access to technology by collecting used laptops from and refurbish them. We then partner with the local Urban League to distribute them to middle and high school students in need of technology.

Charan Santhirasegaran


Wearable device that uses myoelectric sensors and accelerometers to model the orientation and movements of the users arm and hand to interact with AR and VR as well as any other Bluetooth enabled device.

Saud Khan

WeldiT and iRise Park

A welding franchise called WeldiT as well as a trampoline park in Houston called iRise.

Diana Sineva

be my chef

A custom chef service for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Nasha Wanichwecharungruang


A self-customized clothing platform that aim to create a decentralized and sustainable fashion industry.

Joshua Dong


A platform that connects sports venues with everyday athletes to improve their playing experience