NRLC Competitor: Meet filtur

filtur is an online community hub that connects university students and graduates to others from their university to form lasting bonds. By putting powerful filterability in the users’ hands, filtur connects people faster and more effectively than traditional networking clubs at less than 1/10 of the price.

Why focus on intra-university connections?

People have a unique bond to their alma mater and its alumni. Even as strangers, alumni from the same university can easily find overlapping experiences and a sense of shared community that results from living and growing in the same place for multiple years.

For current students, connecting with other students from the same school means an in-person meetup is only a 10-minute walk to the nearest campus coffeeshop or cafeteria. We hope that focusing on intra-university connections will decrease “the stranger danger” factor long-associated with meeting new people online, and make networking more efficient for top students and alumni everywhere.

How is filtur any different than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or LinkedIn?

All of the platforms above are offline-to-online, translating relationships people already have to the internet (social for FB, Insta, and Snap, professional for LinkedIn). These sites make money from advertising and are incentivized to keep users on their phones and computers over spending time in the real world as that is what drives profit. From our research, we know that people are not using these platforms to form new relationships because the functionalities and positioning don’t support creating new bonds.

filtur is flipping the social media mold with an online-to-offline platform focused on connecting people to form new social and professional relationships in real life. Our goal is to drive true value for the users by facilitating the creation of new social and professional relationships that will maximize fulfillment and success. Our platform and brand are designed bottom-up around online-to-offline connections, providing functionalities and positioning distinct from any major social media player.

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