What is the Rice Entrepreneurs Organization (Rice EO)?

The Rice EO provides a forum for networking, peer–to-peer roundtables, competitions, education and mentorship to Rice alumni and students at all stages of their entrepreneurial life cycle.

Join Rice alumni and students to surround yourself with like-minded, current & future entrepreneurs. Members are seeking entrepreneurial education, business ideas, developing business plans, sourcing capital, running new or established businesses, or are looking to mentor others on their entrepreneurial journey.

Rice Entrepreneur Roundtables (RET)

The Rice Entrepreneur Roundtables are a forum that fosters peer-to-peer support within a small group of trusted entrepreneurs in a confidential environment. The roundtables allow members to draw from the expertise – lessons learned from successes and failures – of the other entrepreneurs in the group. The roundtables are designed to address your unique needs as an entrepreneur – tackling challenges in your business and personal life – to help you reach new goals. 

Become a Member!

Membership includes access to all programming and networking opportunities that help Jones Graduate School alumni achieve their entrepreneurial goals.