Calendar of Events
Napier Rice Launch Challege Workshop
Customer Discovery Workshop
Oct. 11, 2018
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Liu Idea Lab, Main Room
Open to all Rice students

There is a myth in Silicon Valley that product-market fit comes from inspiration that strikes a magical person who then designs something wonderful, releases it to the public, and it takes off. This isn’t true for the vast majority of products. Finding product-market fit takes time and diligent work. It consists of constant testing, feedback and learning, and it’s crucial for future growth. Most importantly, it requires entrepreneurs to restrain their desire to sell and instead to focus on objective exploration.

Work with Diana to learn how to find your market fit and ask the right questions.

Diana is the founder of Monarq Incubator, powers exceptional women-led startups by provides them with all the resources, mentorship and introductions they need to raise your next round. She spent a decade in tech investment banking working on mergers and acquisitions and institutional commodities sales company led to a desire to improve the lives of women. After building and launching the first women-only iPhone app for new friends and networking, I became compelled to solve the difficulties women founders faced rather than build only one company and solve only one type of problem. I grew my network in Nw York and Houston through high impact events including #SheHacks hackathons, #MonarqMoguls Investor + Founder events and the #MentHERnyc summit bringing together the most promising women-led companies with the most active investors/advisors in the NYC area.