Calendar of Events
Rice Angel Network
Rice Angel Network Pitch Breakfast
June 7, 2018
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
The Cannon, 1336 Brittmoore Road, Houston, TX 77043
Free for Rice Angel Network members and Cannon members

Join the Rice Angel Network for our first Pitch Breakfast, for an opportunity to hear presentations from two of our exciting companies currently looking for growth captial. Coffee and breakfast provided. This event is free for Rice Angel Network members and Cannon members.

The Rice Angel Network was created to connect investors with investment opportunities in startups, early stage companies, real estate and growth or acquisition capital. We make investing in the Rice Community simple and effective.



Join Founder and CEO Jan Goetgeluk as he shares the Virtuix Omni experience. Founded in April 2013, Virtuix was one of the pioneers of the recent wave of Virtual Reality (“VR”) innovation. The Omni enables players to explore endless VR worlds, moving freely and at full speed in 360° without hitting any walls. Movements that would otherwise require unintuitive button presses are now the result of natural motion – simply walk, run, and turn in 360° in virtual reality games and applications!

“I am thrilled to be a recurring investor in Virtuix, a company by a former student and Rice Business School alum that is now a global leader in the virtual reality space with top-tier investor backing and a revolutionary product. Jan and his team were able to solve a big technological problem and build a successful business with profitable fundamentals and rapid worldwide growth. The Omni's potential is massive with many applications beyond gaming. I am excited to continue to support Jan and be part of the next phase of Virtuix's story.”

- Al Napier, Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship and Psychology at Rice University

Virtuix is currently accepting investmentest through SeedInvest.



Lavoro Technologies is a proven technology company with over 40 customers using its software platform at 1,600 well pad sites across North America. Its platform is configurable enabling customers to setup a separator, tank system, automated choke, etc. in WellPadWorX. Customers can run a complete well pad site on its QLogix device with WellPadWorX, which customers can not do today in a standard Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) or Remote Terminal Unit(RTU) typically used for well pad automation.


Campus Wide Events
TunaFEST: Back Tuna Future
June 29, 2018
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Moody Center for the Arts, Rice University
Open to all Rice Affiliates, the Texas Medical Center and Houston Innovation Community

TunaFEST is one of the best science and tech summer festivals at Rice - with free food, fun and science exhibitions! This year's theme is “Back TunaFuture,” and we’re showcasing the best and brightest future science and tech from the brilliant minds at Rice University.

This event is FREE to all our friends at Rice University, the Texas Medical Center and the Houston Innovation community (e.g. tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, business leaders, Makers, and nerds).

This year also marks the retirement of Prof. Wade Adams, the founder of TunaFest.


About the Rice TunaFEST:

Wade Adams “retired” as Chief Scientist of the Materials Directorate in the Air Force Research Lab, and in January 2002 became head of Rice’s Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, working for Rick Smalley. Later that year, Wade and his wife, Mert, returned to Houston from fishing – off of the Carolina Outer Banks – with TOO MUCH TUNA. Quite naturally for Wade and Mert, “too much tuna” became “let’s have a cookout,” and TunaFEST was born. The critical elements were hospitality and fun, and the result was a tradition that the entire Rice community looked forward to every year – on the last Friday before the Fourth of July.

By the time we held the most recent TunaFEST (TunaFinity and Beyond!!!) in 2011 – with upwards of 2,300 people – the traditions of the party had grown to include live music from The Blaggards – featuring Rick Smalley’s eldest son; plus a piñata, special T-shirts, beer from St. Arnold’s, and – of course – tuna, burgers, hot dogs, brownies, door prizes... Mainly, an excuse for Rice workers, students, staff and faculty, and friends from the Rice and Med Center community, to get together and celebrate before scattering for Independence Day.

Plus, seemingly by accident, TunaFEST has always been productive. No accident, really, because when you get that many bright people together, good ideas come out.

When Wade retired from the Smalley Institute, TunaFEST retired…until now! We are bringing TunaFEST back – keeping all of the fun, putting it in a better location (more accessible to the Texas Medical Center) and adding new things: art and technology.