Equity and Inclusion Workshop – COMMUNITY

Published on October 21st, 2019

We believe that equitable organizations and equitable opportunities stem from a community of equity-focused leaders, but that is a mindset that must be developed. Through this workshop, we will develop a shared language around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and understand the importance of these concepts when creating changing and lasting impact. We will uncover root causes behind challenges related to diversity, and dive into specific challenges in innovation and entrepreneurship. Ultimately, you will walk away with tools, a mindset, and strategies for prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your efforts to create change around you.

This will be run by a nationally recognized facilitator, Alexa Broderick, who is the founder of The Equity Paradigm. Its mission is to empower and equip individuals and organizations with the skills, tools, and mindsets to identify, understand and address inequity as it occurs.

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