The Prototype

Behavioral Analytics in Private Equity, Growth Equity, and Venture Capital by Wendy Fong

In my last post, I discussed how behavioral analytics could be used for start-ups. Here, I’ll dive into how private equity, growth equity, and venture capital firms are utilizing people data. Study after study puts the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions somewhere between 70% and 90% (2011, HBR). One KPMG study narrowed the band of M&A failures to […]

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Wendy Fong: Optimizing Talent through Analytics

You know the work that needs to get done, and you know the environment that you want to build. How do you find the people who will build it with you? Historically, we relied on relationships, intuition, and track record when we evaluate potential team members. This is the same approach we use to find […]

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The Power of Breakout Rooms

One of the most uncomfortable parts of being in a large Zoom call or class session is the part where you just sit and hear someone lecturing or talking at you; it’s even more uncomfortable and boring than in person. It’s also a waste of time, as this information can likely be conveyed through other […]

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