The Prototype

Minimum Viable Party

Minimum Viable Party Consider planning a wedding. An impossible task of delivering a grand, completely personal event for all sorts of guests at a minimal cost. At first, my fiance and I were freaking out because we heard that wedding planning is full of hidden costs and impossible expectations. But then the light bulb went […]

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What’s on the Menu? Lean Startup

What’s on the Menu?  Lean Startup It was one of those toasty, 95-degree evenings in late September in Houston, and we were clinking our craft cocktails to a full house at ChòpnBlọk’s latest pop up concept – the fifth restaurant takeover in his series. I don’t know what was hotter… outside, the vibe, or the […]

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Slice of Life: Observational Comedy & Design Research

Slice of Life: Observational Comedy & Design Research Designers and comedians both slice life with atypical angles. Comedians do a much better job of engaging broad audiences with their insights. How might designers better communicate their research? In my view, by taking a note from the best design thinking lecture I’ve attended. “Is this a […]

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