Rice Entrepreneurship Philosophy

We see a broad range of aspirations, energies, needs and opportunities underlying student curiosity about entrepreneurship.


Processes, Mindsets, Skills, and Competencies

As entrepreneurship education has evolved over the past decades, formalized processes and tools have emerged that can provide students tactical guidance around creating new products and ventures. Some of these are aimed at action in the private sector; others are aimed at engaging with social problems. Our curriculum draws on and expands on these new approaches to entrepreneurship education. Skills, competencies, and frameworks help to structure the curriculum.

Ways of thinking and identities are also part of how we approach entrepreneurship. We invite you to join us as we explore the many philosophies and identities of entrepreneurship in a series of interdisciplinary discussions, performances, and live research experiences at FreeStyle, a new campus-wide convening at Rice.


Markets, Technologies, Sciences, Humanities

In keeping with the strengths of Rice as a liberal arts and research institution, we believe there are many ways of thinking about creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Market and technical systems, computational logics, social, political and cultural studies, the social sciences, as well as the expressions and identities of the humanities, all shape our approach.


Layered Program

Our entrepreneurship education program consists of multiple nested layers. Co-curricular activities are contextualized by a broader set of courses that build from the liberal arts and research traditions. For undergraduates, the classes we are developing will be integrated with and complementary to the major fields of study, nested in the broader experiences of undergraduate education.

We are a collaborative effort of students, faculty, mentors and the Houston entrepreneurship and innovation community.
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