The Lilie Fellowship


What is Lilie?

The Liu Idea Lab for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Lilie) is designed to be responsive and dynamic, and to provide a vehicle for the insights, energies, and imaginations of Rice students working in project-based entrepreneurial and innovative endeavors. Lilie is both a physical hub on campus for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as a living and engaged community of people.


Introducing the Lilie Fellowship

The Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lilie) is pleased to announce the launch of the Lilie Fellows, an undergraduate student innovation collective. The Fellowship program builds from the insights and enthusiasm of student leaders across campus. The Lilie Fellowship is designed to cultivate meaningful dialogue among students engaged in entrepreneurial, innovative, and experiential project-based learning both within and at the boundaries of different fields of study at Rice. The Fellowship is designed to enrich the student learning experience, and to engage a conversation and undertakings that will help sustain and enliven an innovation and learning community within the Liu Idea Lab and across Rice in the months and years to come. The Lilie Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in a curricular option as part of the Fellowship through the Thinking Differently series, offered through the Department of Social Sciences.


Who are the Lilie Fellows?

We seek a student innovation collective to inspire and organize thinking across a range of perspectives; a self-reflective learning organization that allows diverse perspectives to emerge and develop; and a thoughtful vehicle through which to shape action informed by productive cross-disciplinary dialogue and learning. The characteristics below are integral to serving as a member of this group in its inaugural form. These core characteristics and criteria may change over time, and with input from the organization itself, as student needs, the Liu Idea Lab, the university, and society changes. In keeping with the intent of Lilie, we approach entrepreneurship and innovation with the diverse fields of the liberal arts and with the traditions of a research institution.

(1) Lilie Fellows should represent Rice’s intellectual diversity and as such the Fellows would include members from across the sciences, the humanities, and the professions;

(2) Lilie Fellows should encompass students from various stages in their Rice careers. This has the advantage of enabling insight onto the Rice experience at different junctures in the undergraduate career, as well as to create a sustained conversation over time;

(3) Lilie Fellows will have demonstrated exceptional commitment, curiosity, and open engagement with their fields of study, the student body, the university, and the larger community;

(4) Lilie Fellows will have demonstrated active learning and exceptional contributions within entrepreneurial and innovative endeavors.


Apply Today!

 Applications closed March 27th, 2017

***Seniors are encouraged to apply as well!

We are a collaborative effort of students, faculty, mentors and the Houston entrepreneurship and innovation community.
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