The McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


The Baker Institute’s new McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation conducts policy research to better understand and promote entrepreneurship and innovation. It also provides a forum for stakeholders throughout the entrepreneurial ecosystem to debate ideas, share understanding and effect change. The McNair Center aims to make a real contribution to society and help create an environment that empowers ingenuity and creativity, unleashes the productivity of private enterprise and builds sustainable economic growth. The center is the research-oriented cornerstone of a larger, nationwide consortium of McNair Foundation-funded centers devoted to entrepreneurship education. The Entrepreneurship@Rice Initiative, housed at the business school, is proud to partner with The McNair Center.

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Yael Hochberg

Head of Rice Entrepreneurship Initiative
Ralph S. O’Connor Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship@Rice is a collaborative effort of students, professors, mentors and the Houston entrepreneur community.
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