Spring 2017 Health E-Lab Opportunities



Translational Research Institute

The Translational Research Institute is a new research institute led by Baylor College of Medicine and funded by NASA. Our mission to lead a national effort in translating cutting-edge, emerging terrestrial research into applied space flight, human risk mitigation strategies for exploration missions.

We would like for a Rice MBA intern to assist us in creating a marketing plan for our Institute which began operations on October 1, 2016. The marketing plan should develop a campaign to get the word out about the opportunities of working with the space program to innovate in healthcare. We need to recruit companies and researchers that have never before been engaged with the space program to solve problems for NASA with our funding support. Some of the work  would include creating social media accounts, expanding on our one-webpage website (https://www.bcm.edu/centers/space-medicine/translational-research-institute), and other means to increase broad awareness (particularly in scientific and technological sectors that are naive about space biomedical research) about our Institute. We will also be releasing a solicitation for proposals in early 2017. The marketing plan should also include announcing the solicitation to a wide “non-traditional” audience of researchers.

We would expect 5 hours of work per week from the student. Our staff divides its time between the TMC X+ and the BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) building across from the Rice campus. Our availability to engage the student would be 1-2 hours a week. Communication can occur in person or via email, videoconferencing, etc.

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CareSet Systems

CareSet Systems (https://careset.com) is the nation’s first vendor with access to 100% Medicare claims and enables the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies to decode Medicare claims data to guide new drug launches.

Projects available:

  1. Performance dashboards. CareSet does not have a central place where we can look at business metrics and see how we are doing. The intern would work with the team to establish clear business metrics and would source a dashboard for calculating those metrics. Key metrics include inbound marketing leads, sales metrics, etc.
  2. Competitive analysis and market landscape. We would like a deeper competitive analysis of the data vendors in the pharma space. We know who the key players are but don’t have a deep understanding of their data, products, pricing and strategy. This would involve both secondary research and primary research (reaching out to interview people in the industry). We can provide some contacts to get started.

Our office is located near Rice at TMCx+ at 2450 Holcombe Blvd. We typically work 9 am – 5 pm and would hope for the intern to be available during those hours. We also work remotely, as well, and use Slack as the communication channel. I think the intern would benefit most from the experience by spending as much time in the office as possible to get context and be with the team. We have a weekly meeting on Mondays from 11 am – 1 pm. If the intern can’t participate in the meeting, I would expect an update for each week.

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BrainCheck is the result of 20 years of research conducted at the Eagleman Laboratory for Perception and Action at the Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. David Eagleman has been studying and creating reliable, noninvasive ways to understand the inner workings of the brain and assess brain function with innovative neurocognitive testing. For a long time, doctors and scientists relied on standard pencil and paper tests to measure brain health. But modern technology enables us to bring these tests into the 21st century and offer people everywhere easy, affordable access to their brain health data right from wherever they are.

BrainCheck’s goal is to help you understand what’s happening in your brain. When you use one of our products, you can log your cognitive health data and track changes in your performance over time. You can also compare your data to the general population’s results whatever your concern—after a concussion, at the onset of dementia, or other conditions that impair cognitive performance. We encourage you to use your data to have productive conversations with your physician about your brain health. BrainCheck empowers everyday people with data and empowers scientists to innovate.

Project Available: Memory product launch

  • Determine pricing strategy
  • Go to market strategy
  • Customer research
  • Advertising research (customer acquisition cost, etc.)
  • Marketing (determine marketing strategy related to new product

We are located in the TMC and would love for the student to come to our location to work.  If that’s possible, leadership will be able to engage 100% of the time.

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DocGraph (https://docgraph.com) creates, maintains, and improves open healthcare datasets and is a pioneer in the open health data movement. DocGraph has helped establish a growing community of data scientists, journalists, and clinical enterprises who use open data to understand and evolve the healthcare system.

Projects available:

  1. Foundation support – Build a list of foundations that would be a good match to support DocGraph’s work. Write a one page grant proposal then establish relationships with those foundations and submit the grant proposal. We already have a list of some prospects. DocGraph has previously worked with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as example.
  2. Cancer Moonshot – DocGraph is releasing a series of datasets as part of the VP Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative in 4Q 2016. We will be working with the White House and will be involved in a SXSW Cancer event in March 2017 to continue to promote and develop work based on that dataset. The intern would be the project manager for all things Moonshot, would engage with our community of 300+ data scientists about this work and would help coordinate DocGraph’s participation in these events.

Our office is located near Rice at TMCx+ at 2450 Holcombe Blvd. We typically work 9 am – 5 pm and would hope for the intern to be available during those hours. We also work remotely, as well, and use Slack as the communication channel. I think the intern would benefit most from the experience by spending as much time in the office as possible to get context and be with the team. We have a weekly meeting on Mondays from 11 am – 1 pm. If the intern can’t participate in the meeting, I would expect an update for each week.

Applications: through the E-Lab application site

IntuiTap Medical

IntuiTap Medical’s mission is to eliminate the guesswork, frustration, and pain from spinal taps, a procedure characterized by inefficiencies and inaccuracies. We have designed the world’s first device for spinal needle placement that incorporates imaging of the spine, predictive analytics and needle guidance to help physicians get where they need to go on the first try.

Working as a business development intern with IntuiTap will give students exposure to a range of fields that include early-stage business planning and strategy, including different business models, marketing strategy and pricing, and in general the medical device and healthcare industry. They will also have the opportunity to network at the TMC Innovation Institute ecosystem.

 Projects available:

  1. One project we propose involves refining and further developing our business plan. Specifically, looking at our current business model and comparing it to other models on the market, and defining which business model makes the most sense for our product. Tying into this, we would also have the student focus on pricing, and defining a sustainable pricing model for our disposable components. We are looking for someone who is driven and self-motivated, and who thrives in an entrepreneurial environment. This student will gain experience communicating value propositions to hospital procurement staff, and determining the which value propositions resonate most with the Value Analysis Committees of Hospitals. Therefore, the ideal candidate is also personable and outgoing. Experience in the medical device/diagnostic industry desired, but not required.
  2. A second project we propose focuses on new business development and new market opportunities. In this role, the intern would look into potential new applications/markets for our technology, complete market research, and assess the opportunity to see if it would be a beneficial market to enter. We are looking for someone with strong market research skills, who is able to identify new markets and assess them to see if they are a good fit for our technology. This person would also have experience with business plan development, and experience with the medical device/diagnostic industry.

I am based in Houston, at the TMCx and will be moving into JLabs in the next month, so I am local and will be available to meet with the students either in person or by phone call. My schedule is very flexible and I can meet with the students either at Rice, the Texas Medical Center, or JLabs. I am available to meet throughout most weekdays, and we can communicate through e-mail, phone calls, texts, or in person. About once a month I travel to Chicago for a week to work with our product development firm, but other than that I am usually here in Houston and available to engage with the students frequently.

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iShoe is an IoT company spinning out of NASA/MIT/Harvard and we are commercializing technology invented for astronauts on the moon.  iShoe is positioned to quickly deliver the world’s first low cost balance and fall risk device to the senior clinical market with the En Pointe Rx Scale. The En Pointe Rx scale is a simple device that allows for a quick and easy test to quantify balance which could revolutionize fall risk assessments in clinical settings. A consumer scale, the En Pointe scale for home use, provides additional market entry points. The applications are broad, ranging from seniors to athletes, and from clinical to consumer markets.  Ultimately, we are passionate about keeping patients safer in the hospital, safer in the community, and empowering consumer users to be proactive about their health.

Projects available:

  1. Guerrilla Marketing for IoT: The world is changing and information is easily shared, this project explores successful marketing tactics that leverage user advocacy. We would like the intern to research successful tactics and explore strategies for our product(s).  The main activities will include: research, strategy creation, strategy testing (where possible), and a concluding report recommending the best strategies.
  2. FDA lite for healthcare: The FDA regulatory process can be a minefield. We would like the intern to research the regulatory process and prepare all necessary documentation for FDA registration of our device.  Fortunately, our device is expected to fit in the Class I exempt status.  Thus, this would be a manageable task for the semester.
  3. Cost saving metrics to guide market entry points: Product success and market penetration in healthcare are often dictated by cost saving metrics. iShoe has multiple market entry points to the senior population: hospitals, health insurance companies, physical therapy clinics, physician clinics, referral sales and direct consumer sales, each with different payer/user profiles.  The strategic release to these markets entry point will be based on the cost saving metrics specific to those entry points.  This project is a theoretical modeling of how the differing cost saving metrics would vary our market entry strategy based on our product’s sensitivity to fall prediction.  g. Identifying 80% of all falls in a hospital will mean a $X annual saving to the hospital/person.  A final report of market entry strategy recommendations based on differing cost saving metrics will be expected.
  4. To subscribe or not to subscribe: Consumer institutions, like a gym or a senior living facility, are interested customers but they represent great lost opportunity to sell to all their clients. To counter this, the price of the device can be higher for multiple users or the facility can charge a facility subscription fee. The intern would be expected to research similar size devices to understand their pricing and whether a subscription model has been adopted.  This research would be the foundation for customer interviews to further understand and optimize iShoe strategy for consumer institutions.   A final report and conclusion will be expected.

iShoe is based in TMCx on Holcombe Blvd. It would be most effective for the intern to be present for the hours they are working with us. We will provide a thorough introduction to the team, the product and our expectations / needs. There will also be regular contact between the leadership team and intern to help and guide project fulfillment. The intern should be responsive and contribute to regular team update meetings.

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NHC LLC is an early stage company developing the Otricath™  catheter.  The device is a platform for improved delivery of anticancer agents to solid tumors; the initial target is liver cancer.  The company has achieved several key milestones:  two issued patents, successful early proof of concept studies, early prototype development, and collaborations with several key stakeholders in the TMC, including Texas Children’s Hospital,  CHI/St. Luke’s/Baylor, and the Texas Heart Institute.  We are a team of five, including the inventor, Dr. Rey Calderon, an engineer/physician; and four support staff who handle business development activities.  Basic science and early product development are our strengths; we seek assistance with the business side of entrepreneurship.

Projects available:

  1. The first project we propose is the further development and refinement of our marketing strategy. We need to clearly quantify and qualify our market, end users of the technology, strategies for hospital and market penetration, reimbursement, etc.
  2. The second, and closely related project is the refinement and customization of our business model and business plan for presentation to different audiences, i.e. angel investors, VC’s, etc.
  3. This will include: financial plan, go-to-market strategy, costs, revenue projections, M&A strategies, etc.

The major skills we seek in an intern are a strong interest and background in finance, marketing, and business planning.   We also seek someone with proficiency in organizing and communicating ideas.  We welcome creative thought and imagination.

Our company is located in the TMCx Innovation Institute.  One or more of our team members will be available to engage with students as necessary on a daily basis.  We will likely schedule weekly group planning meetings to share ideas, determine needs, monitor progress, and answer questions.

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SemanticMD (http://semantic.md) provides a deep learning platform for medical image analysis. Our customers include medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, teleradiology, and medical image storage providers. We are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with currently 5 paying customers and we are working to optimize our outbound sales.

Projects available:

  1. Sales Development
  • Prospecting for new leads
  • Using sales automation tools (CRM, scraping, news feeds, etc.)
  • Setting up a sales cadence for outbound sales
  1. Operations and Business Analyst
  • Analytical deep dives into product and sales data to identify market opportunities
  • Regularly analyze and diagnose sales and marketing performance across campaigns, highlighting trends
  • Create and maintain business dashboards
  • Forecast and track revenue and other key performance indicators

Looking for students that can assist with improving outbound sales and strong research skills. Programming experience would be a huge bonus as we have some internal sales automation tools that could be expanded.

Availability is very good as our whole team is located in TMCx and we will be getting a private office with enough room for interns starting January. I am flexible on timings/schedules for the interns to be on-site and just expect a weekly update by email.

Applications: through the E-Lab application site

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