Spring 2017 Energy E-Labs

Stealth Company

Want to disrupt retail electricity and help consumers use only the power they need, sell the rest, and save the planet? There is a new stealth startup in Houston made up of successful tech entrepreneurs and energy executives that grew tired of being kept in the dark when trying to buy electricity for their home. Buying electricity is confusing and the current industry uses tricks and misleading promotions to get you to purchase. Plus, there is no incentive nor insight on how to live sustainably. We are going to change it.

Rice MBA’s will work on developing and launching the company’s first lead generation website that is a transparent price comparison tool for retail electricity. The team will work on understanding the target customer (Millennials), holding focus groups, working with the development team to design the user experience, creating a brand (name and identity), and developing the strategy and content.

Applications: through the E-Lab application site

SEE Forge Marketing Project 

Are you looking to join a highly ambitious tech startup and get in on the ground of a fast growing tech company? Do you want to work with a groundbreaking product that is gaining huge momentum in Oil & Gas, created by some of the best engineers on the planet? Are you looking for a company that will invest time in your development, support your professional growth and listen to your ideas? If the answer is yes to the above, you may have found your dream job and we may have found our dream hire! I’m James, the founder and CEO of SEE Forge.  I am looking for highly motivated individuals to join the team as we disrupt traditional industry software with our truly world-class platform. Our product FAT FINGER is an enterprise automation platform that streamlines workflows while eliminating paperwork and provides real-time operational analytics to executives. Our vision is to end the paper & excel enterprise nightmare in oil & gas. We want to make asset inspections, procedures, field tickets, safety, maintenance and all operational reporting remarkably easy and generate never before seen insights to operations. To achieve this we need to build an amazing team.

Here’s where you come in: We need a Marketing Swiss Army Knife to help round out our excellent team. This is a great opportunity for an applicant looking to enhance their skills from both a technical and business perspective, and is willing to be challenged daily with a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. The range of tasks will vary and include specific project tasks such as content marketing, product marketing and SEO strategy.

Responsibilities for the role include taking full ownership of tasks and seeing them through to delivery while ensuring communications within our team are clear. We’re a smaller team with lots on the go, and team members generally fill multiple roles; versatility and flexibility are critical traits for all team members.

 The primary takeaways from this internship will involve but limited to:

  • Learning how to articulate our value proposition in writing
  • Learn how to create content, marketing & product material aligned with value proposition for demand generation
  • Learn how to research ideal client and competitor profiles

The project you will get to work on:

  • Design and implement a new content marketing strategy and product
  • Interact with clients to enhance relationships via phone, in-person and email
  • Manage SEO reporting, prepare SEO audits and keyword research
  • Update social media channels and website content for clients and SEE Forge
  • Assist with product/software testing


  • Clear and concise business writing and communication techniques. Copy writing experience a huge plus!
  • Excellent organizational skills with an ability to balance multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong understanding of web, mobile, social media and general internet principles
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work well independently and within a team

Nice-to-have skills

  • Content marketing experience
  • Oil & Gas, heavy industry or manufacturing market understanding (preferred)
  • Experience with technical writing
  • Experience with business copy writing
  • Basic HTML/CSS experience
  • Basic Photoshop skills
  • Understanding of SEO principles

Application instructions:

  1. Fill out application on the E-Lab application site
  2. Send materials listed below to James (James@seeforge.com)
    1. Cover letter or short essay on why you think you are a rock star fit for the team, why you like our product/vision, why you love hunting for new business, your plan to make an impact and start adding value.
    2. References of people you have worked with, for, managed or sold to. 


Our company plays directly into today’s digital culture of smart devices, social networking, and video games. Our procedures enable people to overcome today’s operational challenges by:

  • Providing faster and more accurate procedures
  • Procedures that are trackable and measurable
  • Include just-in-time micro training while on the job
  • Batch processing and subroutines of procedures
  • A transition gradient from partial to complete automation and IoT

Using a smartphone or a wearable device, users receive step-by-step procedures and equipment identification digitally tagged to the equipment and world around them. GNOSYS is the first to provide an end-to-end solution for ANYONE to quickly author, manage and execute an AR procedural experience quickly without the need for costly backend development. Unskilled labor is effectively provided training and quality control tools while they work – lowering time-to-onboard and reducing human error. Those same individuals can act as experts in multiple roles.

Weyo! Is an exciting new startup in the crowdfunding and social media space. Due to its early stage of development, interested students will need to sign an NDA before learning more.

Skinwalker is gaming studio focusing on the emerging new virtual, augmented and mixed reality game market. It’s being led by Steven Peirce who leads creative for a number of major game titles including Call of Duty, Rockband, and Wolfenstein. New wearable products including HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens are revolutionizing the way people see and interact with data and software.


  1. Competitive analysis of GNOSYS, an electronic procedure system with AR functionality. Mixed reality and wearables is experiencing a huge surge in technology and offerings. The landscape is changing constantly and we need to be aware as to the current offerings and how previous competitors have evolved in this ever-changing landscape.
  2. Weyo! is a crowd-funding social media platform. More details can be provided under NDA but we need help with a launch strategy and managing college focus groups for insight into UI/UX.
  3. Skinwalker is startup gaming company focusing on VR. We would like some competitive analysis and market research and general research into what types of games should be created in this new format.

Applications: apply through the E-Lab application site


ExpertKnowledge brings you Synapse; a cloud-based platform for learning designers to improve the way they design learning programs by automating manual processes and enabling real-time collaboration. We are seeking help building content strategy with the goal of attracting our buyer persona to our content. The project will entail an in-depth analysis of our buyer persona, to uncover data on their demographic so that we can learn about their buying behavior to market to them effectively.

Applications: apply through the E-Lab application site

Clarity Grid Solutions

Web based data-intensive platform providing intelligent solutions to broad array of stakeholders in the Power sector.  Clarity Grid Solutions draws upon tens of thousands of ISO data series (NEISO, NYISO, PJM, MISO, SPP, ERCOT, CAISO) both Nodal and Zonal, as well as a complete inventory of Retail Tariff data, to deliver actionable strategies at both the Wholesale and Retail Consumer level.  Incorporating a flexible and proprietary analytics engine combined with a rich proprietary database, Clarity Grid leverages the robust capability of the US Electric Grid to provide insight and alternatives to traditional energy fulfillment.


  1. Develop comprehensive evaluation of “Look and Feel” of Consumer-facing Clarity Grid front end. Critique should include: a) Evaluation of Ease of Use and Intuitive Feel, b) Identification of Missing Information and Features, 3) Propose Emerging Technologies and or Data which would improve the User Experience.
  2. Review current status of ISO (Independent System Operator) websites and inventory of data series available. Identify gaps in linkages between Clarity Grid Site and ISO data series, propose additions and methods of data integration to improve overall service level.
  3. Review current economics of Solar delivery at Commercial and Residential level across broad geographic area of US. Propose methods and structure of incorporation of Solar costs into Clarity Grid analytics engine.

Applications: apply through the E-Lab application site

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